Merna Maita garments are designed to be waistless, versatile and very forgiving. Our samples and prototypes were not tested on a single fit model. Rather, we collected feedback from a range of women with different body types and sizes, and tweaked our patterns to accommodate.

If you are interested in shopping with us, but are out of our size range, please reach out! We are a tiny, new company and your feedback is so important to us.


Our jumpsuits are sized XS - XL. If a size isn't listed, that means we've sold out.

Generally, your true-size jumpsuit will skim your body and appear slightly oversized; sizing down will hug your curves; sizing up will be baggy and cozy. Most customers can fit into a range of jumpsuit sizes, and we recommend picking a size for your preferred fit. If any styles run particularly large or small, we'll do our best to specify in the notes on the product page.

If you are curvy and/or pregnant, please consider a style that has some stretch in the fabric for maximum comfort.

The jumpsuits have a dropped crotch and should accommodate a long torso.


Our caftans are currently available in one size. Most styles have a raw hem that can easily be cut to any length. Otherwise, the hem has a simple finishing that should easy to have shortened.

Nana Coats

Our nana coats are also available in one size. With no shoulder seams and an open front, the nana coat has an easy fit and should accommodate a range of bodytypes.


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